About Company

Marko Fisher the best i n class school and office stationery & writing materials manufacturing brand. Marko Fisher is a Japanese word which means "Fighter of Knowledge". Here , the butterfly represents the children which we really value. it is an American Company, Which was established is 1963. Pencils, markers Rulers Office Stationeries,  are the part of our regular activities. People mostly seek the best quality of products when if comes to buying the stationeries The et qu8ality stationeries mean that the stationeries should be environment- friendly. consider safety issues. providing a good customer service with a better management team and products a last longer. So here we are. we provide you all type of school and office stationeries like high quality series of pencils. water colors classics color pencils. highlighter, permanent makers, CD or DVD markers whiteboard markers color pens correction equipment's gel pens, sharpeners. erasers, varieties size of scales, carbon papers. oil pastels, stamp pads , glue sticks and water glues and many more.

Safety For Children & Eco-friendly:

Our products ensure product safety for every one and especially for children. We actually look a specials care while producing the products . We also take an extra care while choosing the ingredients of the pencils, erasers and other products for the children. Our products are environmentally friendly as well. While we choosing the products. we make assured our products as eco-friendly with ISO Certification that ensures good for Environment.

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